Members Website Update

August 28, 2017

Thank you for becoming a member with us, the original DeLorean organization as we have been established since 1983.  During the next 6 weeks, our members web portal will continue to be built to include some great amenities to benefit your DeLorean ownership and experience.


STATUS:  Pending

We will have a module of latest DeLorean news and information that is happening within our membership and the Delorean community.  We will also post our monthly newsletter, STAINLESS NEWS” for your reading enjoyment and archival purposes.


STATUS:  COMPLETE (9/5/17) – still adding service centers, though.

A complete list of DeLorean Service centers throughout the world.


STATUS:  Pending (contacting vendors for participation)

Our DOA Marketing Team is contacting various vendors and suppliers towards special discounts for your DeLorean car and other vendor related merchandise.  This benefit will only be available to our paid members in good standing.  There will be a special members only advertising page containing links from our participating advertisers to take advantage of their offered discounts to our members.


STATUS:  Established – adding member discount code system (Current)

Our DOA Store is currently on-line at:  We will have a special section for you, our paid members to obtain discount codes towards your purchases in our exclusive store.  Our Products Director, Linda Powell has been busy towards producing a new line of products in time for the holidays.  These items will include:

  • Custom embroidered DeLorean Owner Shirts with your name and your car’s VIN number
  • Polos, tee-shirts, jackets
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths with our logo
  • Work aprons
  • Coasters
  • Back issues of DeLorean World Magazines
  • Car floor mats, cargo mat, and bonnet mat (Lloyds Mats)

We are always looking for ideas to add to our DeLorean Owners Association official store.  We will have our discount code system finished by September, 2017 as well as adding our new product line in time for the holidays.


STATUS:  Pending (contacting Directors of each club for permission)

We will establish a database system to find and link local DeLorean Clubs in your area.

MEMBERSHIP MARKETPLACE (our classified advertising system)

STATUS:  Completed (8/26/17)

Our Membership Marketplace will prove invaluable to you, our member – owner towards selling your cars, or other DeLorean releated items and advertise within our membership family.  This avoids advertising through the public channels which attracts tire kickers, wannabees, or people that just want to ride in a DeLorean.  Posting ads into our Member Marketplace is FREE to our paid national and international members in good standing. Take advantage of this service if you would like to post your items within the DOA membership community.


STATUS:  Completed (8/26/17)

We have establish a DOA Forum for member to member communication to swap stories and share your experiences privately and within our membership.  Our forum is completely private so we can avoid the common TROLL and SPAM problems associated with the common social media and public forum sites.

DOA SOCIAL WALL (hashtag feed)

STATUS:  Completed (8/26/17)

Social media is here to stay and what better way to sort out our DOA posts throughout the world than a home place to show our love for the DeLorean.  Courtesy of Juicer, we will establish a social wall for any DOA related hashtags that are posted throughout social media.  We will have our new social wall finished by October, 2017.


STATUS:  Complete (8/28/17)

Don’t want to email? Don’t want to use our CONTACTS US form?  Even better!  LIVE CHAT with us and get instant messaging during our business hours (8:00am – 8:00pm Pacific Time M-F).

Bookmark this page to obtain the latest updates during our member build.  Our web team will be busy towards finishing our immediate goals on our members website.  Of course, we would LOVE to hear from you on any ideas you like to include on your exclusive member’s web system. You can CONTACT US and post your ideas to be included in our technical sub-committee towards consideration.


We will keep you posted.  Thank you for joining our DOA community and continue to live the dream with your DeLorean DMC-12.


Roland Hoffman
1st Vice President / Media Specialist
DeLorean Owners Association