Eurofest moved to 2026!

The Great Pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has cancelled many events throughout the world, including our famed DeLorean Eurofest in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  DeLorean owners and enthusiasts are now marking their calendars for May, 2026 for the largest concentration of DeLoreans in the world!  If you never attended Eurofest in the past, this is a MUST DO for any DeLorean owner, enthusiast, or fan before you leave this planet.  You will be overwhelmed by the camaraderie of our DeLorean community of owners, former employees of the DeLorean Motor Cars, LTD. factory, and their families as we get together for this international homecoming that surrounds the DMC-12 sports coupe.  You will be taken in by the history of the city as well as the beauty and scenic views this gorgeous country.  Of course, the highlight of Eurofest is to visit the former factory where our DMC-12 was built, in which the historical DeLorean test track continues to exists.  Special thanks to the fabulous team at Linamar Metals (formerly Montupet) who occupy the former DeLorean factory in Dunmurry in keeping the test track alive.

Go to our Eurofest website for the latest updates as we begin to plan a fabulous Eurofest, slated in May, 2026.  It will be here before you know it!